We love our Alumni's!

 An Alumni is someone who has completed Glory School of Supernatural ministry and has received a Certificate of Completion. 
Becoming an Alumni and having a certificate of completion gives you perks!

Benefits Include:

Discount pricing at our Glory City Network Conference.

Special seating for you and a guest at our Glory City Network Conference.

Any class that an Alumni wants to retake may be audited at no additional cost.

Any new event or class may be joined for only the cost of the event/class.

Additional Courses:

 At Glory City School of Supernatural Ministry, we will continually add new courses, curriculum and events. Any Alumni may sign up for any new and additional courses or events for the cost of that class/event, without paying for the entire year. 

Please note: Even though you do not have to pay to audit classes already taken, you do have to sign up so the instructor will be prepared for your arrival.

Click the link below to register for new classes.