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This course is designed for you to discover your created place and purpose. When we understand our created purpose we can walk free from sin with a proper understanding of our new nature in Christ. Awaken to righteousness and put off guilt, shame, fear, and condemnation for good. The result is a more intimate relationship with the Father in a tangible and consistent way. Discover and enjoy your inheritance as a child of God. Understand what it means to be a true son and daughter of the king. Live a life of freedom and assurance in the knowledge of the Father’s purpose, will, and nature. Finally, learn what it means to live 1 John 4:17, “As He is, so are we in this world.”

Instructor: Pastor Tony Thompson

Book: Awake to Righteousness, Mark Greenwood

New Creation Realities is an in-depth study that delves into the heart of what Jesus did for us as believers through His sacrificial and triumphal resurrection. This course will allow the student to receive and walk in the reality of who they are in Christ. For four weeks, we will unpack the mysteries of the New Creation, using E.W Kenyon’s book, “New Creation Realities,” along with practical teaching and impartation.

Book: New Creation Realities, E.W. Kenyon

Instructor: Cait Otwell

Discover what faith is and what faith is not. Learn how to use your faith like a tool in the kingdom to get God’s results on the earth. Learn the enemies that hinder faith. Discover how to release the faith that unlocks a world of unlimited possibilities. Understand how to live by faith and bring the things (God’s will and promises) from the supernatural to the natural.

Instructor: Pastor Tony Thompson

Book: The God kind of Faith, Bill Winston

Prayer is the source and strength for all the work God has for us in the kingdom. Yet, the power of prayer remains a mystery for most Christians. In this course, we will delve into the many facets of a victorious prayer life. We will learn that prayer is the highest part of the work entrusted to us by God.

Instructor: Cait Otwell

Book: TBA

Through the holy scriptures, it is evident that Jesus’ heart is for people to live life in freedom and peace. The Lord taught and modeled for us that only through living in total forgiveness can this be achieved. This course’s purpose is to inspire growth in higher levels of freedom, peace, and healing by learning to totally forgive. Many people only engage in surface level forgiveness. Forgiveness has many layers. Through this study students will be encouraged to go deeper into what true forgiveness is. This includes forgiveness towards, ourselves, others and the Lord. We will learn practical and biblical responses to forgiveness. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of how to forgive as motivated by love through Jesus’ instructions. The instructor will provide written prayers that summarize chapter themes as well as opportunities to engage in group exercise and activation.

Instructor: Page Mitchell

Book: Total Forgiveness, R. T. Kendall

Many people struggle with pain and emotional hurts that seem impossible to heal. In this course, we will look at transformation and deliverance with a fresh perspective. We will learn about issues that stop people from realizing and enforcing their soul healing. We will look at how soul wounds have kept us ineffective in areas and how we can reclaim our liberty through the finished work of Jesus Christ. We will also look at God’s heart and purpose behind healthy souls. The result is healing of deep wounds you may carry within your soul. This course will bring a paradigm shift to your mind, a new passion towards love and obedience that will propel you into a lifestyle of resting in your authority. By the end of this course, you will learn how to maintain your healing and deliverance and the courage to set others free.

Instructor: Andrea Ward

Book: Healing the Wounded Soul, Katie Souza

Experiencing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is normal Christianity. The Power Gifts of the Holy Spirit are designed to teach, train, and equip. The student will understand the usage of the Gifts of The Holy Spirit in such a way that the uncommon becomes common and the supernatural becomes a natural means to bring reformation and kingdom building. There will be weekly classroom engagement to stir up the gifts of the Holy Spirit

Instructor: Andrea Ward

Books: The Spiritual Gifts Handbook: Using your Gifts to Build the Kingdom, Randy Clark and Mary Healy & Life with the Holy Spirit, Katherine Ruonala

The gift of prophecy is available to every believer for the purpose of edification exhortation and comfort.” 1 Corinthians 14:3 The gift of prophecy is not given to just the spiritual elite; it is a gift used ministering, in love, to those inside and outside the church. This course is comprised of recorded & live teaching, along with group discussion and a time of Q&A. This class will introduce you to the purpose of New Testament prophetic ministry. It will equip and enhance you to move safely with accountability, when the prophetic gifting is given expression. If you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. It means you have access to all of His supernatural gifts and you can prophesy!

Instructor: Page Mitchell & Jack Sependa

Book: Basic Training for Prophetic Ministry, Kris Vallotton

Deliverance is accomplished by the power of Holy Spirit and the all-powerful name of Jesus Christ, the ultimate deliverer. Jesus tells us in Matthew 15 that “deliverance is the children’s bread”- deliverance first belongs to born-again believers. In this course. we will continue to look at transformation and deliverance with a fresh perspective. We will debunk the myths surrounding deliverance and provide knowledge to embrace this miraculous ministry of love. We will learn about our spiritual authority as born-again believers. We will learn the most effective ways to stop demonic powers. We will also learn how to identify our enemies and exercise our authority against Satan. This course will bring revelation, knowledge, and liberty. It also positions us for this great era of restoration, revival, and reformation. In our modern society, thousands are coming into our churches from occult, witchcraft, spiritualism, and the new age movement. They are going to need help from us that transcends any natural counseling abilities. Deliverance can no longer be ignored. (Clark, 2001) By the end of this course, you will be prepared to set the captives free.

Instructor: Andrea Ward

Book: Come Out, Jonas Clark

Culture of Honor will help believers strengthen their spiritual walk. This comes by sustaining a godly supernatural environment. We will learn how to recognize the building blocks of our walk to allow us to transform the way we think and live. Honor needs to be established again in our culture. In today’s culture honor has faded away. We listen to everything around us except for the Holy Spirit. We must re-establish godly core values so that they will guide us in our daily walk. Only then will we be able to pass this along to our families and to those we come into contact with daily. This is an online, self paced class.

Book: Culture of Honor by Danny Silk

We believe that Jesus’ last words to, “go make disciples of all nation…” (Matthew 28:19-20), is part of walking out our Christian life. Filled with the wow factor of God, this course is based on biblical principles and personal testimonies that will train and equip you in the ministry of supernatural evangelism. Through classroom sessions combined with supernatural outreach in the community, you will learn how the simplicity of hearing a word from God will lead you to encounter others supernaturally. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15.

Instructor: Mica Kelley

The goal of Prophetic Connections is to teach individuals how to hear from Holy Spirit and move with Him. Holy Spirit continually speaks to us in a variety of ways such as feelings, impressions, words, pictures ect. It is our desire to teach you how to become aware, hear, discern and walk that out. Not only will you come away confident in discerning God’s voice for you personally, but also for the edification, exhortation and comfort of those inside and outside the church. Through teaching, impartation and activation each student will become confident in these areas: How to hear the voice of God Discernment in what you are hearing & seeing Navigating the screen of your imagination Activation in prophecy and working with Holy Spirit Impressions Understanding Words of Knowledge for the specific purpose of evangelism

Instructor: Cait Otwell & Page Mitchell

Book: TBA

Many believers do not understand that they have been given all authority in Christ. In this course we will examine in class the foundational truths of our created position of authority, and the recreated position of authority that is received and released through Christ. We will discover the principles of walking in this authority as believers and we will rise up, in this delegated authority that is ours, in order to do the works of Christ in the earth.

Instructor: Pastor Tony Thompson

Book: Believer’s Authority by Kenneth Hagin